What Is Copywriting and Why Do You Need It?

Copywriting is the undervalued service that every business needs. Anyone can write a blurb, blog, marketing content, or training manual but a good copywriter creates original copy that caters to your niche. When you work with a high-value copywriter your content reaches your target audience, increases your engagement, and produces leads.

How Does It Work?

During our initial consultation, we will work together to determine the content you need to be produced, what metrics you hope to achieve, and agree to terms for touch bases, samples, payment, and turnaround times. Within 24 hours of the consultation, a proposal will be submitted via email.




Need a new contributor for your blog. We offer SEO-driven, well-researched, engaging original content no matter the topic.

Need assistance with your blog description, editing, or SEO development? We offer quick turnaround times to assist you with publishing your content as quickly as possible.


Web Content

Your website is done! Yay, congratulations!  Now you need to fill it with engaging and informative words that guide your target audience to your site. We can assist you with developing your backend SEO and creating content for each webpage with keywords that will help your get discovered on all major search engines.


Editing & Proofreading

We offer quick turnaround times for all editing and proofreading services. You can expect your returned document free of errors (always as suggestions) and in-depth analysis focusing on clarity and conciseness.


Ghost Writing

You have an idea but aren't quite sure how to put it into words? We can assist you with bringing your vision to life. You can expect transparency, reliable turnaround times, and for us to stay true to your voice during this process.


Social Media

Marketing is a big task so if you have created all of your content then creating captions for each post is a daunting task. This is where we come in. Your brand mission and voice will always be a priority when creating captions or blurbs for your social media marketing. We also offer in-depth research and creating hashtag marketing to ensure your post is getting in front of your target audience.