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Jean Writing Studio was created with the intention of sharing my creative and writing skill set with you. I am grateful you have found me.

Why Jean Writing Studio?

When naming this operation, I wanted to honor the legacy of my birth mother, Sylvia Jean Williams. May her name be remebered with every interaction associated with this organization.

More About Kim


My freelance career began five years ago after I realized working at a corporation was never going to allow me to allow me the freedom to grow in the direction I desired.. Writing, design, and utilizing my skills to helps others has always been a creative outlet for me; so I made the leap to use my skill set to gain clients and opportunities. I allowed myself to be flexible and meet the needs of the clients each time.

Each interaction, meeting, and opportunity is never taken for granted when working with me. I even value you taking out the time to read this far, thank you. 

From the initial meeting to the completion of a project I am present and committed to providing the type of quality I would expect as if it was my own.

I look forward to learning more about you and what you want to achieve in this chapter.

Kim Duke